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Installing Fiberglass Warnings on insulation rolls advise you to completely protect your self from coming into any kind of contact with the fiberglass - wear safety glasses with side shields, face mask or respirator, gloves, long tight sleeves, long pants and a hat. And still, the itchy fibers manage to get in. Batts are particularly unpleasant to hang overhead in ceilings and under floors and they require straps or wire mesh across the joists to hold them up. Crawlspace with Fiberglass
Crawlspace with Fiberglass
Don’t use fiberglass insulation in basements or crawlspaces: Moisture problems in basements have lead experts to recommend against using fiberglass batt or blanket insulation in a basement. The old standard installation of fiberglass batt insulation between framed stud walls on the basement interior with a vapor barrier over the studs is no longer recommended because of excessive problems with mold, mildew, decay and rot. To maintain its effectiveness, fiberglass must not be exposed to high-moisture conditions such as a damp basement. Moisture will negate the insulation value of fiberglass batts and promote mold and mildew which degrade indoor air quality. Installing a vapor barrier over the interior of the fiberglass will prevent the foundation walls from drying to the interior, a problem with mitigating capillary rise, groundwater leakage and construction moisture. Batts with no vapor barrier will not be effective either as interior humidity will still be a problem. Fiberglass with mildew and Mold
Fiberglass with Mold
Current recommendations for basement interior insulation involve placement of a reflective insulation against the foundation wall. This will keep wood framing and drywall away from the damp masonry wall. As a general rule of thumb, avoid using fiberglass insulation if you can. It has the lowest R-value per inch, is hazardous to install, and is prone to degradation from moisture, air infiltration and compaction. Instead, use materials that can be installed over framing members and not just in between them to avoid thermal bridging (gaining or losing heat through either wood or metal frame studs) and air infiltration. Reflective insulation is thin with a high R-values and works well in wall cavities, roofing and places where there are space limitations. Crawlspace with Reflective Insulation
Crawlspace with Reflective Insulation
Best Insulation for Home or Metal building
Radiant Energy Flow - The Basics of Reflective Insulation During the winter, 50-75% of heat loss through the ceiling and 65-80% of heat loss through walls is radiant. In the summer, up to 93% of heat gain is radiant. If you are depending on R-value (resistance) alone to insulate against heat gain and loss, you are losing half the battle.

While other types of insulation are made to resist or impede the flow of warm air, reflective insulation reflects back radiant (infra-red) energy from the sun so it does not penetrate the building. It can also reflect back radiant heat inside the house so it does not escape. The concept is simple: each unit of radiant heat energy that is reflected away from your home in summer and each unit reflected back inside during winter means less operation of your air conditioning and heating systems, less wear and tear on your equipment, and less money you pay in utility costs.

Condensation & Relative Humidity - Steel/Metal Buildings Neeed For Vapor Barrier Reflective insulation has become a standard component of a total insulation system. It is designed for both new construction and retrofits. Using reflective insulation material for either your home or metal building will increase the comfort level inside, protect against condensation and save on energy.

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