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ceiling insulation thumbnail prodexProdex Total Ceiling Insulation - One Solution for Heat, Cold and Moisture 

Prodex Total ceiling insulation R-value 16 reduces the transfer of heat across air space by the use of two surfaces having high thermal reflectance and low emittance. This thermal insulation uses closed cell foam plus two aluminum surfaces and trapped airspaces to form an efficient insulation system. Prodex Total is ICCES Recognized. The R-value of reflective insulation and mass insulation is based on the same fundamental equation (The ability to stop heat transfer). Reflective Insulation: Fact vs. Fiction

Prodex Total ceiling insulation has a low emissivity reflective surface that reduces the amount of radiant heat that enters the home in summer by up to 97% - It also provides winter thermal protection. Rigid or bulk insulation will only protect you from convective and conductive heat. Using Prodex Total ceiling insulation will reduce the energy required to heat and cool the home - You'll run your heating and cooling systems less. Prodex Total ceiling insulation will also reduce the potential for condensation occurring on the interior surfaces which causes mold, mildew, rot and dripping.

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Prodex Total 48 Inch24 inch16 inch or Prodex Total Fast Action  

Reflective Ceiling Insulation - How Does it work?

Reflective ceiling insulation is made of two layers of reflective aluminum foil with a central layer of foam, plastic bubble or fiberglass. When installed with an airspace of one or more inches it reflects up to 97% of radiant heat while the central layer inhibits the convective flow of warm air. Once seams are taped, reflective ceiling insulation will also create a vapor barrier. While mass insulation products are made to resist or impede the flow of warm air, a reflective insulation reflects back radiant heat (primary source of heat- flow) from the sun so it does not penetrate the building. It also reflects back radiant heat inside the house so it doesn't escape. The concept is simple each unit of radiant heat energy that is reflected away from your home in summer and each unit reflected back inside during winter means less money paid in utility cost. If you're only incorporating a mass insulation, you're losing half the battle.

Heat moves through the ceiling by a combination of radiationconduction and convection. Radiation is the dominant method of heat transfer. Research shows that control of radiant heat transfer is the core of a climate control system. Radiation accounts for 90 percent of all heat transfer through roofs. Traditional fiberglass insulation attempts to trap expanding warm air and prevent it from escaping. A reflective insulation effectively blocks both radiation and the convective heat transfer in and out of the ceiling. Unlike fiberglass insulation, Prodex Total Reflective insulation R-value is unaffected by humidity, thermal bridging and compression. R-value Myth 


Types of Ceiling Insulation

There are two basic types of ceiling insulation products. Reflective insulation and bulk insulation in the form of blankets (Blown-in cellulosespay foamfiberglass or rigid board). Many homes and commercial buildings combine reflective ceiling insulation and bulk insulation to reach high R-value requirements. In warmer climates it's a must to incorporate a reflective insulation to prevent the radiant heat transfer. Some reflective insulations such as Prodex Total control both cold, heat and moisture. 

Fiberglass insulation Warnings on the insulation rolls advise you to completely protect yourself from coming into any contact with fiberglass. Batts do not seal wall cavities tightlyFiberglass insulation R-value is reduced by to thermal bridging, pinching and moisture. Moisture build-up between the fiberglass and the building exterior cannot evaporate, therefore causing mold, mildew and decay...

Cellulose Insulation-  Moisture absorption in cellulose insulation can make it heavier, causing it to become compacted and lose its insulation value. It is prone to create too much dust that is blown into the house through inadequate seals around fixtures or minute holes... This can be a real health problem...

Spray Foam Insulation -A chemical insulation agent, stored in canister and sprayed onto walls, holes and cracks with a special application hose to provide a thermal barrier. Most, such as Polyurethane and Isocyanine insulation, contain hazardous chemicals such as benzene and toluene. These are a potential hazard and environmental concerns during ray material production, transport, manufacture and installation. It won't prevent radiant heat transfer (the primary source of heat-flow in and out of your structure)...

Rigid Board Insulation - The R-value diminishes slightly over time especially if the foil face is removed. It will absorb moisture if wet and degrade in sunlight...

None of these bulk insulations prevent radiant heat transfer (The primary source of heat-flow).

chart comparing ceiling insulation

Prodex Total - Prevent Thermal Bridging 

The actual R-value of fiberglass insulation in your ceiling may be lower by as much as 20% due to wood framing. Wood framing that holds the insulation in place reduces its effectiveness. Wood conducts heat faster than insulation, a phenomenon known as "thermal bridging." Fiberglass sheets or "batts" in a 2-by-6 wall can be rated R-10 by its manufacturer, but the conductive effects of the wood framing would reduce this to R-8. Installing Prodex Total ceiling insulation over the studs solves the bridging dilemma. It can be used as a standalone or in conjunction with mass insulation. 

Installing Ceiling Insulation

You can use one or two layers of Prodex Total. You can use as a standalone or combine it with another insulation type. You can install over, under or between the joists. Click for various ways to install ceiling insulation.

Ceiling Insulation Prodex one layer plus drywall ceiling insulation Prodex one layer between and one layer under stud

 Prodex Difference: ICC-ES Recognized : R 16 unaffected by humidity : Prevents condensation : Prevents 97% of radiant heat transfer : Vapor barrier : Core sealed on both 175' side with flange : Elastic : 19dba contact noise reduction : 90 degree celsius (194 fahrenheit) contact temperature rating : UV resistance : Does not promote mold or mildew : Does not provide for nesting of rodents, bugs or birds : Seals around nails (no leak) : Reflective aluminum foil on each side of 5mm (13/64) closed-cell polyethylene foam center : Keeps its shape over time (doesn't collapse) : Rippled surface increases airflow :  Member of US Green Building Council - Made with 100% recyclable virgin raw materials : Over 3 billion square feet sold worldwide. 

5 Reasons To Buy Prodex Total Insulation

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  3. Prodex Insulation Reviews on every product page
  4. ICC-ES Recognized - ICC-ES is an evaluation service that takes independent test data for a variety of products and analyses it against a uniform Acceptance Criteria that is recognized internationally.
  5. Over 3 billion square feet sold worldwide.

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