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Metal Building Insulation

metal building with Prodex Insulation

Before you Buy Metal Building Insulation Consider...



A metal building requires a vapor barrier, reflective insulation and radiant barrier - Why?

  • Warm temperature on a cool metal roof or wall creates sweating (condensation).
  • Cold winter temperatures are exaggerated by the metal roof and wall sheeting making it frigid inside.
  • The sun's rays on the metal surface creates unbearable heat inside a metal building in the summer.

Prodex Total is:

  • A vapor barrier and condensation eliminator.
  • Its 16 R-value is unaffected by humidity
  • It prevents radiant heat transfer (primary source of heat-flow).

No other insulation meets all these requirements in a metal building - This makes Prodex Total the best metal building insulation.

Prodex is superior to double bubble insulation in metal buildings because the heat from the metal roof and walls won't cause it to collapse. With a pressure of 6 PSI Prodex compresses just 6%. When the load is relieved it takes back its initial shape. The density of the foam is between 1.25 lb/ft (sq) - 1.87 lb/ft (sq). This gives the material real body.

It's superior to fiberglass batt in metal buildings because its R-value is unaffected by humidity or water - it won't promote mold and mildew and it's much easier to install.

1. Condensation - Metal Buildings Can Seem Like A Rain Forest  

The most reported problem reported is metal building condenstation. In addition to providing vapor protection, Prodex it also eliminates condensation. When a cold surface comes in contact with warm air it creates moisture on the surface (cold bottle outside in summer). condensation in metal building

Prodex eliminates the moisture (condensation) from forming on the metal sheeting. It does it by making the temperature of the metal sheeting on the building approximately the same on the inside as the outside. When the heat or cold from outside comes through the metal skin it hits the outside aluminum facing of Prodex and is reflected back upwards through the underside of the metal sheeting. This process keeps the metal sheeting temperature consistent on both sides. In addition, the inside layer of aluminum in Prodex reflects away the heat (heater) or cold (air-conditioning) from inside the building, from getting to the metal skin. This also helps in preventing condensation.

Don't install fiberglass in a metal building unless you're doing it in conjunction with Prodex Total. Water trapped between fiberglass insulation and the exterior of the building will, in time cause, rust, oxidation, mold and fungus growth - conditions that will degrade the metal and shorten the service of the building. Condensation can also result in ruined crops or bacterial growth.

3. Cold - It can be Colder Inside Your Steel Building Than Out

Once metal gets cold its transfers the cold downward often making it colder inside the building that out. To combat this you need an insulation that doesn't lose its thermal protection when you need it most!

The Prodex R-value 16 is not affected by humidity. Other insulations such as fiberglass lose R-value once damp (and it will in a metal building). Once any mass insulation gets damp, it will stay damp. Once damp it loses R value. Not only will you have trapped moisture in the blanket causing rot, rust, oxidation, mold etc, the damp blanket will provide less and less R value as the moisture builds. Couple this with the fact that fiberglass insulation does not prevent radiant heat transfer (primary source of heat flow) and you can see why fiberglass insulation is not the recommended insulation for metal buildings.

3. Prevent Radiant Heat Transfer - It gets Hot in a Metal Building

Ever wonder why it's so hot and wet inside a metal building in the summer and so cold and wet in winter? The metal skin magnifies the heat of the summer and frigid temperatures of the winter. Metal is a very good conductor of heat and cold. In hot weather, metal framing and sheeting rapidly transfers the sun's heat into a building, and in cold weather it rapidly transfers the heat out of your building. When warm air comes in contact with the cool metal sheet, condensation occurs.

Prodex reflects 97% of the radiant energy (primary source of heat flow) that strikes it. It also reflects back the heat inside your steel building. Each unit of radiant heat energy that is reflected away from your barn in the summer, and each unit that is reflected back during the winter, means less operation of your heating and air conditioning system - Less wear and tear on your equipment - Less money you pay in utility costs.

heat-flow in metal building with mass insulation prodex insulation heat flow in metal building

4. Protect Your Contents From Vapor

Prodex is a class 1 vapor barrier. A vapor barrier (moisture barrier) refers to any material that prevents moisture from passing through the walls or roof of a building. This material can be plastic or better yet, Prodex Total Insulation - 13/64 inch, 5mm closed cell polyethylene foam covered on both sides with .0012-inch (00.03mm) aluminum foil facing. Prodex Total Insulation (Vapor Barrier, Class 1. perm<0.1 ).

5. Prevent Nesting of Rodents, Bugs and Birds

Unlike fiberglass insulation, Prodex does not provide for the nesting of rodents, bugs and birds. Rodents, bugs and birds aren't able to digest the aluminum.

6. Install Easily

It's a lot easier and less expensive to install a 5mm roll of Prodex than a bulky 6 inch roll of fiberglass. Pinching 6 inches fiberglass between the framing and sheeting is not easy. Installation methods I-beam frames : Installation methods Quonset Huts

7. Deaden Sound

Metal skin on a building can exaggerate the sound of rain and hail. Prodex has an excellent 19db sound deadening. 

8. Increase Lighting Efficiency

Prodex provides a bright, attractive finish to your building. It reflects the light, making it easier to light the building interior.

How do I know this is a great product?

Prodex Total is ICC-ES recognized and Energy Star Qualified. Link to BBB report is posted bottom right of every page. Real-time customer comments on every product page - visit Prodex Reviews

Red iron metal building with Prodex Insulation grey iron metal building with Prodex Insulation red iron metal building with Prodex Insulation


Prodex in a quanset hut

Calculate amount of insulation for your building. Calculator displayed on every page of website. Snapshot below.

calculate amount of insulation required for your building

5 Reasons To Believe In Prodex Total Insulation

  1. Real-time Prodex Insulation Reviews on every product page 
  2. Energy Star Qualified
  3. ICC-ES Recognized
  4. BBB report (bottom right of every page)
  5. Over 2 billion square feet sold worldwide 

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March 8, 2014


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