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House Wrap Insulation

Why You Need House-wrap Insulation

House-wrap insulation serves as a weather barrier while adding R-value. It allows water vapor to pass from the interior to the exterior while preventing rain from getting into the wall assembly. It is the protective layer under a home's siding and over the sheathing. It's referred to as house wrap because it literally wraps around the home. When moisture from either direction is allowed to build up between a wall cavity it results in wood damage and mold in fiberglass or cellulose insulation.

Recommended House-Wrap Insulation

Prodex Total Perforated House-wrap is more than just a house wrap - It also provides R-value and a radiant barrier! It is housewrap insulation! ICC-ES Recognized and Member of U.S. Green Building Council - This versatile product is One solution for Heat and Cold. It keeps your structure cool in summer and warm in winter. This insulated house-wrap works great in hot and cold climates. It resists air infiltration and water intrusion, yet it allows moisture vapor to diffuse through itself, helping to prevent wood rot, mold and mildew buildup.

Unlike typical house wraps, Prodex Perforated House Wrap adds R-value, unlike fiberglass insulation, it's R-value is unaffected by humidity. Unlike radiant barriers, it has two reflective surfaces. Unlike bubble insulations, it has a quality core that seals around nails and doesn't collapse. 13/64 inch (5mm closed cell polyethylene foam covered on both sides with .0012 inch (0.03mm) aluminum foil facing.

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Flat out simple and quick process with no games! Ordered the needed product on a Monday, shipped Tuesday and was delivered Thursday. FedEx shipping did a great job getting it from Texas to Georgia without damage on two separate orders of mine. I'm thoroughly impressed with the product, shipping method, and the Prodex Team!

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