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Quonset Hut Insulation

Insulation for Arch Metal Buildings Must Protect From Heat, Cold and Condensation

A quonset hut requires a Radiant barrier, Vapor Barrier, and Reflective Insulation because of the unique nature of the metal arches. The sun's rays on the metal surface creates unbearable heat inside the building in the summer. Cold winter temperatures are exaggerated by the metal sheeting making it frigid inside. Warm temperature on a cool metal creates sweating (condensation). Prodex Total serves as a true vapor barrier and condensation eliminator. It has a high R-value: R 16 and it prevents radiant heat transfer (primary source of heat-flow). It's superior to fiberglass batt in quonset huts because it is unaffected by humidity or water -- It doesn't mildew or promote fungus growth and it keeps the building cool in the summer -- It doesn't promote nesting for rodents, bugs and birds. It is also much easier and less expensive to install. It is superior to double bubble insulation in quonset buildings because the heat from the metal skin doesn't cause its polyethylene micro-bubbles to collapse. With a pressure of 6 PSI Prodex compresses just 6%. When the load is relieved it takes back its initial shape. The density of the foam is between 1.25 lb/ft (sq) - 1.87 lb/ft (sq). This gives the material real body. Prodex Reviews : Calculate amount of insulation for your building

quonset hut with mass insulation quonset hut with prodex insulation

The best insulation for a quonset hut will keep the inside of the structure cool in summer, warm in winter and dry all the time. This requires the insulation product to be a radiant barrier, reflective insulation and vapor barrier. Prodex Total is More than a Radiant barrier - It's Also a Reflective Insulation (R-value 16) And a Vapor Barrier - All in one product! One solution for Heat, Cold, and Water. Prodex Total 72 Inch and Prodex Fast Action are the most popular choices for metal buildings that meets these requirements. 

Radiant Heat Barrier In Quonset Hut  

Ever wonder why it's so hot and wet inside a quonset metal building in the summer and so cold and wet in winter? The metal skin magnifies the heat of the summer and frigid temperatures of the winter. Metal is a very good conductor of heat and cold. In hot weather, metal framing and sheeting rapidly transfers the sun's heat into a building, and in cold weather it rapidly transfers the heat out of your building. When warm air comes in contact with the cool surface of metal sheeting, condensation occurs.  

Each unit of radiant heat energy that is reflected away from your building in the summer, and each unit that is reflected back during the winter, means less operation of your heating and air conditioning system - Less wear and tear on your equipment - Less money you pay in utility costs.

Each unit of radiant heat energy that is reflected away from your building in the summer, and each unit that is reflected back during the winter, means less operation of your heating and air conditioning system - Less wear and tear on your equipment - Less money you pay in utility costs. Prodex reflects 97% of the radiant energy (primary source of heat-flow) that strikes it. It also reflects back the heat inside your building.

Vapor barrier, Condensation and R-value In Metal Arch Building (Quonset Hut)

Prodex is a class 1 vapor barrier. In addition to providing vapor protection it also eliminates condensation. When a cold surface comes in contact with warm air it creates moisture on the surface (cold bottle outside in summer). Prodex eliminates the moisture (condensation) from forming on the metal sheeting. This prevention is important - Water trapped between insulation and the building exterior will, over time, cause rust, oxidation, mold and fungus growth - conditions that will degrade the metal walls and shorten the service of the building. Condensation can also result in ruined crops or bacterial growth.

condensation in quonset hut

Fiberglass insulation is not the solution. Once the fiberglass insulation gets damp (and it will in a metal building) it will stay damp. Once damp it loses R value.  Is R-value meaningless? Not only will you have trapped moisture in the blanket causing rust, oxidation, mold etc, the damp blanket will provide less and less R value as the moisture builds. Couple this with the fact that fiberglass insulation does not prevent radiant heat transfer (primary source of heat flow) and you can see why fiberglass insulation is not the recommended insulation for quonset huts. The R-value of Prodex R 16 metal roof insulation is unaffected by humidity. 

Helmuth Serjogins: Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hey there! I used your insulation to insulate my steel building which I bought from "SteelMaster" steel buildings. The building manufacturer recommended using fiberglass type insulation. I used your top of the line insulation because I knew here in Wisconsin condensation would be a problem during the winter months. I have radiant in-floor heat and keep it set at 45 degrees F. If the building was kept closed up, it probably would dry out (as it does on weekends), but I run a mobile tool business and the overhead door is opened at least twice a day, five days a week. Also add the moisture when the ice melts off the truck and you have a wet environment. If I had gone with the fiberglass insulation it would have "water-logged" in a short time, not to mention the smell of it. Your product allows the moisture to just run off and still retain product stability and form. Soooooooo..... contact the steel building companies and have them sell your product instead of the fiberglass stuff! Everybody will win, you can even use me for an endorsement!

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chart comparing metal building insulaton

Nesting of rodents, bugs and birds

Unlike fiberglass insulation, Prodex does not provide for the nesting of rodents, bugs and birds. Rodents, bugs and birds aren't able to digest the aluminum.

Ease of Installation

You don't have many viable options when it comes to installing insulation in a quonset. You're certainly not going to put on a suit to apply spray insulation. It's a lot easier to install a 5mm roll of Prodex than deal with the mess of spray or a bulky 6 inch roll of fiberglass.

Installing Prodex in a quonset hut

Sound deadening

Metal skin on a building can exaggerate the sound of rain and hail. Prodex has an excellent 19db sound deadening.

Increased lighting efficiency

Prodex provides a bright, attractive finish to your building. It reflects the light, making it easier to light the building interior.


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