Reflective Insulation Fact vs. Fiction

FACT #1: R-value is the measurement of a material's ability to stop heat transfer.

FACT #2: The R-values of reflective insulation and mass insulation are based on the same fundamental equation: The ability to stop heat transfer.

FACT #3: Reflective Insulation is a system that reduces the transfer of heat across air space by the use of two surfaces having high thermal reflectance and low emittance (typically metalized film) + an inner substance + trapped airspaces.

FACT #4: The R-value of reflective insulation is the measurement of the system rather than a measurement of just the product. Measuring the R-value of the system (a real-world application) is a truer measurement vs. a measurement of the product only. For example, what good is the posted R-value of fiberglass given that once installed in an environment that includes any moisture it loses R-value? Virtually all real-world environments include some humidity. Unlike fiberglass the R-value of Prodex Total insulation is NOT affected by humidity.

FACT #5: Prodex Total 5M Plus has an *R-value of 17 (one layer) 25 (two layers). Click for real-world test parameters (technical brochure).

prodex insulation cross section

0.2" inch (5mm) - Closed cell polyethylene foam covered on both sides with reinforced reflective foil facing.

reflective insulation heat flow mass insulation heat flow

Prodex Total 5M InsulationR 17.  One solution to Heat, Cold and Condensation -  No other insulation protects you from these three conditions like Prodex Total. 5mm (0.2"inch) closed cell polyethylene foam covered on both sides with reinforced foil facing. prodex insulation cross section

prodex insulation cross section

New Prodex Total White ESW5 InsulationR 125mm (0.2" inch) closed cell polyethylene foam with reinforced foil facing on one side and plastic white finish film on the other side.  

Prodex Total 10M New TagNew Prodex Total 10M - R22. Twice as thick as regular Prodex Total.  10mm (0.4" inch) closed cell polyethylene foam covered on both sides with reinforcecd foil facing.

Any metal building  or pole barn that uses fiberglass insulation rather than Prodex Total will have moisture issues (typically hidden behind facing), Loss of R-value (consequence of the moisture) and heat gain. 

Updated May 16, 2018 

FICTION: The posted R-value of fiberglass and cellulose insulation

The parameters of the R-value test for fiberglass and cellulose insulation involve no moisture or wind. You might be saying, "That's ridiculous. That can't be. Those aren't the conditions of my home or building."

Even in the desert there is humidity. All buildings and houses leak air and water. Water vapor from the atmosphere, showers, cooking and even breathing move back and forth through the walls and ceiling. Those of you in humid areas may lose half of your R-value with fiberglass or cellulose insulation. 

Fiberglass is assigned an R-value of 3 to 3.5 per inch. Remember it will only achieve this number in a zero moisture and zero wind environment. Fiber insulation placed in an improperly sealed house will allow wind to blow through it as if there were no insulation at all. In the event of flooding the R-value goes to zero. Even small amounts of moisture will cause a dramatic drop in fiberglass and cellulose insulation's R-value. The question you should ask Mr. or Ms. Fiberglass and Cellulose is, "What is your R-value in my real-world environment?"

5 More Facts About Prodex Total Reflective Insulation

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  4. ICC-ES Recognized - ICC-ES is an evaluation service that takes independent test data for a variety of products and analyses it against a uniform Acceptance Criteria that is recognized internationally.
  5. Over 4 billion square feet sold worldwide.

Reviews - What to Believe

Prodex Difference: ICC-ES Recognized : R-Value unaffected by humidity : Prevents condensation : Prevents 97% of radiant heat transfer : Vapor barrier : Elastic : Does not promote mold or mildew : Does not provide for nesting of rodents, bugs or birds : Seals around nails (no leak) : Reflective reinforced foil on each side of 5mm (0.2" inch) closed-cell polyethylene foam center : Keeps its shape over time (doesn't collapse) : Rippled surface increases airflow : Green Product Certified - Made with 100% recyclable virgin raw materials : Over 4 billion square feet sold.

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