A. $100 OFF per roll on 2nds of 48 INCH,  72 INCH and PERFORATED - Availability posted on product page. 

The rolls might have a few nicks on the outer layers - By far the best deal we've offered in years!!! Great Bargain!


A. Get a $50 check by emailing us a 15 to 20 second video of your Prodex insulation installed. Please say a few sentences so people get your impression of the product. For example, you might say: "This is John. This is Prodex Total installed in my pole barn. It think it's... 

B. Get a $25 check by emailing us a photo and a few sentences about your experience of using Prodex Total Insulation. 

Email video and comments to sales@Insulation4Less.com

C. If you're a contractor and you're an existing customer, email sales sales@Insulation4Less.com for Gold Member pricing. Gold Member pricing is awarded to subsequent orders after you have purchased $10,000 in a year. You must be a customer to view Gold Member pricing.


1. Single Item Pricing Slashed on EVERY Product Page

2. HUGE Multiple Roll Discounts in Shopping cart

Instructions to get multiple roll discount pricing

3Click the  button (also displayed on every product page) - It will put you in our Discount Pricing System. Test different order quantities to see Bigger and Bigger Discounts on multiple-roll orders!

The More You Order The Lower the Price Per Roll!

Shipping Discount Thresholds:   

700 sq. ft. rolls (ship dimensions: 4' x 24" x 24"): Square Feet:  1,400 | 2,800 | 7,000 | 35,000 | 70,000 | 140,000

600 sq. ft. rolls (ship dimensions: 6' x 20" x 20"): Square Feet:  1,200 | 2,400 | 6,000 | 30,000 | 60,000 | 120,000

341 sq. ft. rolls (ship dimensions: 4' x 24" x 24"): Square Feet:  682 | 3,410 | 6,820 | 17,050 | 34,100 | 68,200


Shippers base pricing on the roll SIZE and classificationShipping size: 4 ft. x 24 in. x 24 in., 33 lbs. Class 250 insulation, non-boxed, non-skidded, loose rolls shipped from zip 77029. 

Our delivered price is better than any price you've gotten or will get on insulation that matches our performance specifications. If you think we're mistaken, please e-mail us | sales@insulation4Less.com the link to the location where you think you can get a better deal.

You're Buying Direct From the Prodex Factory. If the Prodex item is not on the sitemap page than it is not offered in USA or Canada. -The Prodex items offered are the best Prodex values for the money.

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