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(281)356-0798  "Initial" inquiries are answered by email. In addition to answering your question, we provide a baseline of knowledge via links to install, technical, shipping, pricing and ordering information tailored to you. With this baseline of knowledge provided, communication via phone (if necessary) can be more productive. *See expanded explanation below of why we primarily communicate via email.  

Customer service (Tracking order/Short orders)

(281)369-4831 Voicemails will be answered via email to provide tracking information or other type of information. Be sure to check your spam folder and add to your approved emails.

*A Perfect Fit for Some - Our customers prefer to avoid paying sales commissions. They're willing and capable of using the website to access technical data, pricing, ordering and install instructions. We supplement this information with prompt customized email responses that includes links to articles, install instructions, pricing and technical data. 

Never a misunderstanding because a salesman stretched the truth - All of the communication is in writing. No inflated cost to cover commissions. No fear of not getting the best deal available - We don't make unique offers to one that is not extended to all - Such practice lacks integrity and is bad business. We provide additional discounts to our Gold Members (Those that have purchased $10,000 or more in a year) but that is available to all - just buy enough. 

You may ask why do we prefer to market this way? We're happy and our customers are happy :). 


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