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Prodex Total 4 ft x 25 ft
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Prodex Total 4 ft x 25 ft      

 One 4 ft. x 25 ft. roll. Core sealed on both 25' sides with flange. Prodex 4 ft. x 25. ft is More than a Radiant barrier - It's Also a Reflective Insulation (R-value 16) And a Vapor Barrier - All in one product! One solution for Heat, Condensation and Cold.

Cross Section - PRODEX TOTAL INSULATION Foil-Foam-Foil (FfmF)
Nominal Thickness:
5mm; ¼-inch (+ or - 0.5mm)
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Creases in PRODEX TOTAL INSULATION Foil-Foam-Foil (FfmF)
Creases in foil create more airflow to enhance performance
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Aluminum Foil
polyethylene backing
closed-cell Polyethylene foam
polyethylene backing
Aluminum Foil



Prodex Difference: Energy Star Qualified : ICC-ES Recognized : R 16 unaffected by humidity : Prevents 97% of radiant heat transfer : Vapor barrier : UV resistance : Elastic : 19dba noise reduction : 90 degree celsius (194 fahrenheit) contact temperature rating : Does not promote mold or mildew : Does not provide for nesting of rodents, bugs or birds : Seals around nails (no leak) : Reflective aluminum foil on each side of 5mm (13/64) closed-cell polyethylene foam center : Keeps its shape over time (doesn't collapse) : Member of US Green Building Council - Made with 100% recyclable virgin raw materials : Over 2 billion square feet sold worldwide. Click to compare to other insulations. Read Prodex insulation reviews top left of page. Click for installation instructions.

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Prodex Total 4 ft. x 25 ft Insulation combines the benefits of insulation with vapor and radiant barrier protection. That means you'll have a cool, dry structure in the summer and a warm, dry structure in the winter. It is used as a stand-alone or supplemental insulation. Applications include pole barns, metal buildings, attics, garages, roofs, basements, crawlspaces, radiant floor heating, walls, air ducts, under concrete and more. ICC-ES recognized and Energy Star Qualified. Prodex works well in hot and cold climates. Other benefits include sound deadening and easy installation. Reflective aluminum foil on each side of 5mm (13/64) closed-cell polyethylene foam center.

Compare Prodex 4 ft. x 25 ft. to fiberglass, radiant barriers, cellulose, rigid board, rock wool, double bubble.

To improve performance, tape seams with reflective tape. Heat and cold will seek the least resistance and find it at the seams. Taping the seams also helps to prevent condensation.

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Prodex Total Insulation
*R-value 15.67 (one layer)
*R-value 21.10 (two layers)




Characteristics Value Regulation
Cell Structure Closed cell polyethylene foam  
Nominal Thickness 13/64 inch 5 mm  
Perm rating Less than 0.1 (class 1 vapor barrier) ASTM E-96
Noise reduction 19dba impact noise IRAM 4063
Flame Spread Index 25 or less E84-10
Smoke Developed Index 45 or less E84-10
UL 723, UBC 8-1, NFPA 255, MSDS sheet

*Parameters of test: 24-inch on center 2" x 6" wood assembly. Roof application. Test method ASTM 1116. Airspace of 2.64 inch on each side of product. Heat-flow direction down. Interior side of product exposed. ICC-ES Recognized and Energy Star Qualified. Compliance with International and Residential Code (IBC) 2006 and 2009. If code approval is required, please provide this page to your local code official. We are not able to expand over the phone the test results displayed on this page. Questions, please click to email or send to: For suggested installation methods click install.

Additional approvals and certifications:


  • Air Ducts: 10 to 30 percent of the energy used to heat and cool the air is lost to conduction through the duct surfaces. More...
  • Attics: A new generation attic radiant barrier not only reduces air conditioning bills - It also reduces heating bills. More...
  • Basements and Crawlspaces: Due to their underground environment, basements and crawl spaces have different insulation requirements than the house above. More...
  • Garages: Insulate the wall between the garage and the rest of the house. This will reduce heat, cold and noise from coming into your home. More...
  • Metal Buildings: Ever wonder why it's so hot and wet inside a metal building in the summer and so cold and wet in winter? More...
  • Pole Barns: The best insulation for a pole barns will keep the inside of the structure cool in summer, warm in winter and dry all the time. More...
  • Poultry Houses: A little known natural phenomenon called the "black-globe effect" has a pronounced stress factor relating to the cost efficiency (or inefficiency) of weight gain in meat producing animals and birds. More...
  • Roofs: Because heat rises, you'll have more winter heat loss through your through your walls. More...
  • Walls: Radiation accounts for 65-85 percent of all heat transfer through walls. More...

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