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What Is The Best Insulation For A Garage? 


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  3. How can I do it cheaply?
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How would I determine it's the best garage Insulation?

The insulation's delivered price is better than any price you've gotten on a product that matches its specifications. 

It would install easily, provide a high R-value, radiant, vapor and air protection. The R-value would not be compromised by moisture.

It would prevent condensation, not provide for mold, mildew, the nesting of rodents, bugs or birds. It would seal around nails (no leak) and be made with 100% recyclable virgin raw materials. 

Does Insulation In A Garage Make A Difference?

  • A cooler garage in summer and warmer garage in winter will make it available for year round use in any climate.
  • Insulating your garage will reduce noise coming into your home.
  • The garage is often the biggest non insulated area of the house.
  • The garage door is where the bulk of the heat loss and gain will occur. In the summer the garage door works as a huge radiator heating the house.
  • In the winter your house loses heat through the garage
  • An un-insulated garage can be uncomfortably hot or cold. This is especially true with metal garages. Click for comparison of insulations in metal garage.

How Can I Insulate My Garage Cheaply?

Buy one product instead of three! A product that incorporates all the features you need to make your garage cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter and dry all the time - An insulation, radiant barrier and vapor barrier - All in one product!

 Where And How To Install Garage Insulation

  • Doors: Insulate the garage doors. Un-insulated garage doors allows for the bulk of heat loss and gain. See In Garage Door Insulation Kit.
  • Walls: Insulate the wall between the garage and the rest of the house. This will reduce heat, cold, moisture and noise from coming into your home. Insulate the balance of the walls - temperatures inside the garage will fluctuate less. Covering the insulation is optional with either drywall or pegboard.
  • Ceiling: Insulate the ceiling. If there are bedrooms above the garage, the ceiling must be  insulated to keep the bedrooms comfortable. Even with nothing above, the garage ceiling should be insulated to keep winter heat inside and summer heat outside if you intend to use the garage.
garage door installation picture garage wall insulation
garage ceiling installation  


chart compares Prodex Insulation to rigid insulation board, fiberglass, cellulose, spray foam...  


Garage Insulation For Sale  

prodex insulation cross sectionProdex Total 5M PlusR17. 5mm (0.2") closed cell polyethylene foam covered on both sides with .0012 inch (0.03mm) aluminum foil facing.  

prodex insulation cross section


White Prodex Total 5M PlusR15.3. 5mm (0.2") closed cell polyethylene foam with reflective reinforced foil facing on one side and plastic white finish film on the other side. Technical Brochure                                   

Prodex Total 10M New TagProdex Total 10M Plus - R22. Twice as thick as regular Prodex Total.  10mm (0.4") closed cell polyethylene foam covered on both sides with .0012 inch (0.03mm) aluminum foil facing. 


rustic prodded insulation roll

Rustic Prodex Total 5M R15  5mm (0.2") closed cell polyethylene foam with aluminum foil on one side and wood finish facer on the other side.

Roll Sizes     

Buy Garage Insulation 

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Confidence In Prodex Insulation For A Garage

  1. Independent reviews at Site Jabber. Site Jabber is the leading community of online business reviewers. The community helps consumers find great online business and avoid scams. The community has grown to over 850,000 members and has reviewed over 58,000 online businesses. Site Jabber was developed in part with a grant from the National Science Foundation
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  3. Prodex Insulation Reviews on every product page
  4. ICC-ES Recognized - ICC-ES is an evaluation service that takes independent test data for a variety of products and analyses it against a uniform Acceptance Criteria that is recognized internationally.
  5. Over 4 billion square feet sold worldwide.

Insulation For Less Reviews Some review sites are pay to play :(

Summary of Why Prodex Total Is The Best Garage Insulation

  • R-value is unaffected by humidity
  • Prevents 97% of radiant heat transfer
  • Vapor barrier
  • Prevents condensation
  • Prevents air seepage
  • Does not promote mold or mildew
  • Does not provide for nesting of rodents, bugs or birds
  • Seals around nails (no leak)
  • Made with 100% recyclable virgin raw materials. 

Updated May 11, 2020



 For independent Reviews visit Prodex Insulation Reviews at Site Jabber

tyimbo: Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hello, I am very impressed with the ease of the installation of your product. I have installed it in an unheated two car garage and I am in   the process of finishing covering it up. I hope to see a major improvement in working conditions soon. Great product great service. Tony

MichaelHunt: Monday, May 6, 2013

This product is great! I purchased the 48" Total product to install on the rafters of my garage before I put the metal on. It was easy to install and is very strong. You cannot tear it and with only using staples it holds quite a bit of weight. The reflective tape has got duct tape beat by a mile. I soon plan on purchasing enough 24" product to install on my garage walls. Michael

gelit: Sunday, July 29, 2012

I ordered 4 rolls of Prodex insulation plus double sides tape and seam cover tape from insulation4less. I received the order in less than a week. Everything was in good condition and the packaging held up well during shipment. I chose the product because I thought I could handle installation myself. I am a 67 year old widow with zip experience in home improvement. Part of the basement on the house I purchased recently was needed waterproof paint and the upper 3 feet were the bottom of the framing for the house. Those three feet had some miscellaneous insulation tucked between the joists. Only part of the areas were protected and the materials used were many varieties of insulation partly covered with shower curtain liner material. It seemed an honorable attempt to insulate exterior walls (this is upstate New York), but the effort seemed rather haphazard and pretty unsightly. The insulation4less website contained a lot of useful information about how to select the right type of insulation, the properties of various Prodex products and instructions for many areas of a dwelling, As long as one observed the requirement to leave an inch clearance between other surfaces and Prodex, installation seemed pretty simple with the use of double faced tape, a staple gun and seam tape. It turns out that the material could be cut with utility scissors. Even as a rank amateur, I managed to install the Prodex over the top of the ugly materials that were in place. I have enough left over to insulate the garage roof when the weather turns a bit cooler. What prompted me to buy the material? Reflective on both sides: inside temp stays in, outside temp stays out. It provided a vapor barrier at the same time. Instructions were easy and the material could be installed by a ten-year old. I was also intrigued by the claim that, if used on the floor during construction of a dwelling, Prodex could act as a radon barrier. I had just spent more than I wanted on my old home to mitigate radon. Too late for my current home, but interesting! A. Trzepacz Niskayuna, NY

Christopher Malik: Monday, August 31, 2009

Placed a couple of orders for your Prodex reflective insulation for a home project I am working on. I find the material very easy to work with and just what I was looking for to cover and the fiberglass insulation installed, act as an additional vapor barrier, and add to the insulating needs of an upper garage storage space and studio I am creating. I have a radiant gas heater in the room, and I can already see how the combination will work really well.


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