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3 Things Roofing Insulation Must Do

On metal, clay, tile, plastic, shingled flat and pitched roofs!


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prodex insulation cross sectionProdex Total 5M PlusR17. 5mm (0.2") closed cell polyethylene foam covered on both sides with .0012 inch (0.03mm) aluminum foil facing.  

prodex insulation cross section


White Prodex Total 5M PlusR15.3. 5mm (0.2") closed cell polyethylene foam with reflective reinforced foil facing on one side and plastic white finish film on the other side. Technical Brochure                                   

Prodex Total 10M Insulation

Prodex Total 10M Plus - R22. Twice as thick as regular Prodex Total.  10mm (0.4") closed cell polyethylene foam covered on both sides with .0012 inch (0.03mm) aluminum foil facing. 

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How To Insulate A Roof - Install Instructions

It's a lot easier and less expensive to install a 5mm roll of Prodex than any other roofing material. Also see Metal roof insulation for metal buildings.

roof install over trusses install insulation below metal sharke or clay tile roofing install insulation under metal roof above decking

How to insulate a roof    How to insulate a ceiling

Features Of The Best Roof Insulation

  • R-value Unaffected by humidity
  • Prevents 97% of radiant heat transfer
  • Vapor barrier
  • Prevents condensation
  • Does not promote mold or mildew
  • Does not provide for nesting of rodents, bugs or birds
  • Seals around nails (no leak)
  • Made with 100% recyclable virgin raw materials. 

Insulation + Radiant Barrier Vapor Barrier + Air Barrier All in One Product. One solution to Cold, Heat and Condensation - You'll be warm in winter, cool in summer and dry all the time. 


roof insulation wood Tiled roof with prodex insulation roof insulation prodex 2 men not facing

Three Things Roof Insulation Must Do

1. Stop Cold

Winter temperatures turn metal, clay, plastic and tile roofing cold. The cold transfers through to the roof resulting in a higher heating bill. 

Any roof that uses fiberglass insulation rather than Prodex Total will have moisture issues (typically hidden behind facing), Loss of R-value (consequence of the moisture) and heat gain U.S. Department of Energy: "The R-values of some insulations also depends on...moisture accumulation." 

U.S. Department of Energy: "Reflective insulation incorporates radiant barriers -- typically highly reflective aluminum foils -- into insulation systems that can include a variety of backings, such as Kraft paper, plastic film, polyethylene bubbles, or cardboard, as well as thermal insulation materials."

The R-values of reflective insulation and mass insulation are based on the same fundamental equation: The ability to stop heat transfer. Measuring the R-value of reflective insulation vs. fiberglass.

2. Prevent Radiant Heat Transfer

Summer sun rays hitting the roof material radiates downward (inside). It can make it unbearably hot inside. Most roof materials magnify the heat of the summer.

Prodex Total reflects 97% of the radiant energy (primary source of heat flow) that strikes it. Each unit of radiant heat energy that is reflected away from your home or building in the summer, and each unit that is reflected back during the winter, means less operation of your heating and air conditioning system - Less wear and tear on your equipment - Less money you pay in utility costs. Fiberglass and spray foam insulation do not prevent radiant heat transfer.

3. Prevent Condensation - Roof Vapor Barrier

It can seem like a tropical rain forest under an unprotected metal, clay, tile or plastic roof. It's worse on those days where there is a greater contrast between temperatures at night vs. day. The morning sun hitting the cool roofing material can create a drip. When warm air comes in contact with the cool material, condensation occurs. A temperature difference between the outside and inside of your roofing material creates condensation - Similar to what happens when you have a cold can of beer outside on a hot day.

A vapor barrier (moisture barrier) refers to any material that prevents moisture from passing through the walls or roof of a building. This material can be plastic or better yet, Prodex Total Insulation - 0.2 inch (5mm) closed cell polyethylene foam covered on both sides with reinforced foil. Prodex Total Insulation (Vapor Barrier, Class 1. perm<0.1 ).

Prodex Insulation Prevents Rodents, Bugs and Birds from Nesting

Unlike fiberglass insulation, Prodex does not provide for the nesting of rodents, bugs and birds. Rodents, bugs and birds aren't able to digest the aluminum.

Prodex Total Deadens Sound of Rain and Hail

Most roofing material exaggerate the sound of rain and hail. Prodex has excellent sound deadening. 

Confidence That It's the Best Roof Insulation

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Over a million orders totaling more than 4 billion square feet of insulation sold.

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        Updated August 26, 2020


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Prodex Insulation Reviews
gvandy: Monday, August 4, 2014
Prior to installation around noon in central Arizona the underside of the 12 foot high “R” panel roof measured 150 degrees F. using Infa Red sensor! Once your insulation was installed same test showed 100 degrees + or - 5 degrees. Before, work area temp was around 115 degrees (that's with a 7000 CFM swamp cooler going full blast}! After installation, same test showed temps in the mid nineties. Entirely satisfied with product! G. Vandiver ---


Prodex Insulation Reviews
grogf01: Friday, December 7, 2012
I utilized your website to determine my needs & came up with my plan to insulate the roof of my 1000 sq ft steel shop. Using 1" X 2" furring strips and washered screws to get dead air space we used the prodex insulation and Super Metal Sealant to cover the entire inside roof. I can't believe how much warmer & quieter it is. A two person crew did all the work in 2 days. The highly reflective material actually makes it brighter inside. Quite a bargain over the $5000 wanted to spray on 2" of insulation.



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