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Foil Only Radiant Barriers vs. Foil Bubble Insulation

Foil Only radiant barriers are typically perforated and composed of two metalized surfaces with a mesh woven in for strength. It is not a vapor barrier - It is not insulation. Because foil only products have no membrane (substance between the layers of reflective material) transference of heat and or cold can occur.  Foil bubble insulation solves the issue of heat and cold transference by using air bubbles between the reflective surfaces. Foil bubble insulation provides a radiant barrier, a vapor barrier and thermal protection. Foil bubble insulation is superior to foil only radiant barriers because it has an inner substance.

We recommend a bubble insulation over a foil only product.

What is the Best Bubble Insulation - Double Bubble or Single Bubble?

A Bubble insulation is composed of either one (single bubble) or two (double bubble) layers of air bubbles sandwiched between two metalized surfaces. Once either is punctured, it collapses. Single bubble has a nominal thickness of 5/32 inch. Double bubble insulation measures 5/16 inch. These measurements bear little resemblance to the effective measurement of the products (photos below).  

We see little difference between the performance of single bubble insulation and double bubble. The latter simply has a second layer of air bubbles (A balloon with more air). Although we strongly recommend Prodex Total over either, if your budget doesn't allow you to purchase the quality of Prodex, we suggest you order a single bubble insulation rather than a double bubble. You'll get virtually all the benefits of the double bubble insulation while saving money.

Bubble Insulation For Sale

reflective bubble reflective insulation cross sectionReflective Bubble Reflective Insulation: 4ft x 125 ft roll. Single bubble. Reflective insulation composed of 1 layer of 5/32 inch (4mm) polyethylene bubble sandwiched between two metalized, low emissivity surfaces.  

white poly reflective insulation cross sectionReflective Bubble White Poly Insulation: 4 ft x 125 ft roll. Single bubble. Reflective insulation composed of 1 layer of 5/32 inch (4mm) polyethylene bubble sandwiched between layer of metalized, low emissivity surface and 1 one layer of white polyethylene.  

We do not offer double bubble insulation because we aren't able to justify its pricing relative to Prodex Total or single bubble. 

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Prodex Total Compared To Bubble Insulation

Bubble Insulation and Prodex Total are both suitable for metal buildings, pole barns, homes, attics, roofs, walls, crawlspaces, garages and more - Both insulation products provide R-value, a radiant heat barrier and vapor barrier protection. That's where the similarities end. Prodex Total Is NOT bubble insulation.

Applications for Bubble Wrap Insulation and Prodex Total

 metal building insulation | pole barn insulation | home insulation

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Foil Only               Single Bubble               Double bubble          Prodex Total

Foil Only Radiant Barriersingle bubble - radiant bubble foilDouble bubble insulationProdex Total Insulation cross sections

Take a look at the photos above. Even if you didn't know anything about double bubble insulation or Prodex Total, which one would you choose? The obvious choice is Prodex Total. It has a high quality core that keeps its shape when exposed to forces. Prodex Total 5M plus has a nominal thickness of 5mm (0.2"). Prodex Total 10M is 10mm (0.4"). Both are closed cell polyethylene foam covered on both sides with reflective reinforced foil facing. Under pressure, the Prodex micro-cells do not collapse -- With a pressure of 6 PSI Prodex compresses just 6%. When the load is relieved it takes back its initial shape. The density of the foam is between 1.25 lb/ft (sq) - 1.87 lb/ft (sq). This gives the material real body. 

Because bubble insulation has a core composed of air rather than closed cell polyethylene foam, it lacks the long-term consistency in performance of Prodex Total Insulation.

Prodex Difference: HIGHER R | STRONGER | SAFER

  • Reflective reinforced foil
  • Closed-cell polyethylene FOAM center
  • Seals around nails (no leak)
  • Keeps its shape over time (doesn't collapse)
  • Rippled surface increases airflow
  • Green Product
  • Passes stringent fire tests (See technical data tab on product pages)

Foil Double Bubble Insulation compared to Prodex Total

Prodex Total is reflective insulation

Reflective insulation is a system that reduces the transfer of heat across air space by the use of two surfaces having high thermal reflectance and low emittance (typically metalized film) + an inner substance + trapped airspaces.

The R-values of reflective and mass insulation are based on the same fundamental equation -- The ability to stop heat transfer.

U.S. Department of Energy: "Reflective insulation incorporates radiant barriers --typically highly reflective aluminum foils -- into insulation systems that can include a variety of backings, such as Kraft paper, plastic film, polyethylene bubble, or cardboard, as well as thermal insulation materials."

Learn about reflective insulation

Do not be fooled by Wolves in Sheep's clothing - Disguised online pitchmen of fiberglass, cellulose and other insulation types that pretend to be impartial energy advisors!

Below is an example of misleading information you'll find on blog sites of supposed "energy experts". It conveniently disregards the fact that the R-value of reflective insulation is measured as a system. Instead he deceives consumers by citing the R value of the material only in his criticisms. A case of deception by omission. 

"Most brands of foil-faced bubble wrap are only 3/8 inch thick or less, and have an R-value of only 1.0 or 1.1. Since the product often costs more per square foot than 1-inch thick rigid foam rated at R-5, why would anyone use bubble wrap as insulation?"  

The Wolf knows:

  • The R-value of reflective insulation is not measured by the inch.
  • The R-value of reflective insulation is measured within a system.
  • Reflective insulation reduces the transfer of heat across air space.
  • The R-value of reflective insulation and mass insulation is based on the same fundamental equation - The ability to stop heat transfer.

They'll also fail to tell you: The parameters of the R-value test for fiberglass and cellulose insulation involve no moisture or wind. Those aren't the conditions of your home and building. U.S. Department of Energy: "The R-value of some insulations also depends on...moisture accumulation."

Prodex Total 5m PlusR 17, Increased Tearing Resistance, Flame Spread 0. 5mm (0.2") closed cell polyethylene foam covered on both sides with reinforced reflective foil.prodex insulation cross section

Prodex Total 10M New TagProdex Total 10M Plus: R22. Twice as thick as regular Prodex Total. 10mm (0.4") closed cell polyethylene foam covered on both sides with reinforced reflective foil.

Any metal building  or pole barn that uses fiberglass insulation rather than Prodex Total will have moisture issues (typically hidden behind facing), Loss of R-value (consequence of the moisture) and heat gain. Prodex Total is also part of a complete home insulation system.

prodex insulation cross section

White Prodex Total 5M PlusR15.3. 5mm (0.2") closed cell polyethylene foam with reflective reinforced foil on one side and plastic white finish film on the other side. 




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Confidence In Prodex Total Insulation

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  4. ICC-ES Recognized - ICC-ES is an evaluation service that takes independent test data for a variety of products and analyses it against a uniform Acceptance Criteria that is recognized internationally.
  5. Over 4 billion square feet sold worldwide.


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Prodex Insulation Reviews
gulkanaseafoods: Friday, May 6, 2016

Hello folks – I bought some of your Prodex insulation last year and am quite happy with the additional insulation value we get when we line our seafood boxes with this material. I currently use a foil bubble bag in my seafood shipments but felt I needed a little more insulation R-value in my boxes. Your material provides that extra I’m looking for. Bill

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Prodex Insulation Reviews
stuffystuff99: Friday, May 29, 2015

I was looking for something thin and with a great r value. Home Depot and Lowes had nothing but some styrofoam with a very very low r value. I kept googling and found your site. At first I was super excited because I thought I could pick up the insulation since I thought you were in Castle Rock, and save on shipping(which is real expensive). But even after finding that I would have to pay shipping costs, I was excited about your product. I even told the guy at the pro desk at Home Depot all about your company. He seemed very interested.I figured that people should have a viable option at their local stores and I thought it would surely be a great opportunity for your company if Home Depot started to carry your product. I gave him your company's name and information and the website name. I love the fact that you produce in the USA and give jobs to our people. I know many are struggling financially now. We put the insulation in a cabin over the pink inusulation. This cabin was built in the early 1900's and it is on the side of a mountain. Nothing about the cabin is plumb so I wanted extra insulation value added to the pink stuff. It is easy to carry and put on. I love the fact that it seals when you put a nail through it. I love the fact that animals can't nest in it. Come this winter I am sure we will reap the benefits of this product. My first order went in the cabin walls. My second order will go under the cabin in the craw/walk space. It will be totally sealed under there by fall and then we can put the pink stuff between the floor joists and then put your product over that and then seal with some sheets of ply wood. Should be cozy. We had a furnace installed a couple of weeks ago under there with a small vent blowing under there, so it should stay nice and dry. Whoever came up with this idea is a hero in my book. Thank you! God Bless! Sincerely. Robin M.

See independent Prodex and Insulation4Less reviews on Site Jabber

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