About Us

You're Buying Direct From the Prodex Factory. If the Prodex item is not on the Full Product List than it is not offered in USA or Canada. The Insulation4Less (I4L) branch of Prodex warehouses millions of square feet of insulation so you can have it now! 

We Do 3 Things:

  1. Provide the best reflective insulation - Prodex Total is the standard bearer in the industry.
  2. Provide the best delivered price for insulation that matches our specifications.
  3. Ship by day!

If getting the best reflective insulation, at the best price, delivered the fastest is what you're looking for, you're at the right place.

Who buys from us?

Repeat business by contractors represents the majority or our sales. We also welcome do-it-yourselfers.


We first provide a baseline of information via email before we schedule calls. That way, if a call is required, it will be more productive. Please click the "Get Expert Advice" or "Contact Us" links at bottom of pages.

A perfect fit for some - Our customers prefer to avoid paying sales commissions. They're willing and capable of using the website to access technical data, pricing, ordering and install instructions. We supplement this information with prompt customized email responses that includes links to articles, install instructions, pricing and technical data.

We don't have unique information to offer over the phone that's not already provided on our technical brochures, install instructions and product pages. We have no special deals to whisper to only you over the phone.

Never a misunderstanding because a salesman stretched the truth - Communication in writing keeps people honest. No inflated cost to cover commissions. No fear of not getting the best deal available.

Thorough Simplicity

Their website is really excellent. Everything you need to know is there. What product is best for your application and how to install it. Ordering is simple and delivery is fast. I am quite pleased with the results I achieved

Gene M.

Reasons to Believe in Prodex Total at Insulation4Less.com

  • A to A+ BBB report - Link bottom right of every page.
  • Independent reviews by Site Jabber - Link also bottom right of every page.
  • ICC-ES Recognized - An evaluation service that takes independent test data for a variety of products and analyses it against a uniform Acceptance Criteria that is recognized internationally.
  • Over 5 billion square feet of insulation sold
  • No Salesmen - No Pressure - Just Insulation For Less 

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