I. Become a Gold Member

Get even lower wholesale pricing

Gold, Platinum and Diamond Member pricing is awarded on subsequent orders after you've purchased 20k, 75k and 150k respectively of insulation, in the prior 12 months. 

Once you've taken delivery of your first order, you're eligible to view Gold Member pricing on the qualifying insulation rolls: Prodex Total  10M, Prodex Total 5M:  48 Inch , Fast Action, 62 INCH Fast Action, WhiteBlackRustic72 InchPerforated24 Inch and 16 Inch.

To see Gold Member pricing, email sales@Insulation4Less.com, provide either your order number, name or the email address that submitted the order, and request to see Gold pricing.

II. Gold Membership Made Easy Through Affiliate Program!

Become an Affiliate - Reach the Gold Membership Qualifying Minimum with orders from others!

Order that come via your Affiliate Page count toward reaching the Gold, Platinum and Diamond Membership minimums! This innovative initiative is specifically designed to amplify your business operations by integrating the sales of our flagship product, Prodex Total Insulation, into your existing business model.

Our Affiliate Program is not just a sales opportunity; it's a strategic partnership. We aim to empower you by leveraging our premium products and robust marketing strategies. This collaboration is intended to extend your market reach, elevate your brand presence, and increase your overall sales efficiency. By joining, you'll tap into a new revenue stream while promoting a product that stands at the forefront of the insulation industry.

Elevate Your Earnings and Efficiency

Joining our Affiliate Program opens the door to a suite of benefits designed to elevate your business operations and profitability:

  • Customized Web Page: We provide a dedicated page on our site (sample), personalized to highlight your unique business and showcase Prodex Insulation. This page will not only make it easier for your customers to learn about and purchase Prodex Insulation but will also include a call to action for your end customers to register as Insulation4Less customers as part of your affiliate network. This integration ensures seamless customer experience and facilitates the expansion of your affiliate influence.

  • Exclusive Discount Code: Customers who register under your affiliate network will benefit from the greater value between a permanent $50 discount or the current coupon discounts available through our promotional marketing campaigns. This exclusive discount, fully funded by Insulation4Less, ensures that your customers consistently receive the most advantageous deal available.

  • Real-time Sales and Commission Tracking: Access to a secure portal where you can monitor sales, track commissions, and gauge the success of your marketing efforts—all in real time.

  • We close the sales for you: Take advantage of our smart, targeted marketing and remarketing to your prospects/customers via email and text. In addition, our sales experts will call your prospects if needed, to close the sales.

  • Save on credit card fees: Insulation4Less pays the processing fees for card purchases.

  • The customer remains yours: You continue to earn commissions on subsequent orders from the customer. Your customer doesn’t have to click your page link after the initial order. They’ll already be registered to you. Build a long-term profit center.

  • Huge earnings: Your earnings is the difference between your product price as a Gold, Platinum or Diamond member vs. the price offered to regular buyers (non-members).

Streamline Your Sales Process

We're simplifying the way you sell Prodex Total Insulation. Forget about the hassle of collecting payments for each sale. With your custom page and exclusive discount code, all you need to do is direct your customers to us, and we'll take care of the rest. This means you can focus more on growing your business while watching your commissions increase.

III. Sign Up Today!

You must first create a login account on our website before signing up as an affiliate!

We believe this Affiliate Program will not only enhance your ability to market high-quality insulation solutions but also open a new, effortless revenue stream for your business. Your success is our success, and we are committed to supporting you every step of the way. If you're as excited as we are about this opportunity, complete the sign up form

Questions? Email sales@Insulation4Less.com

Together, let's build a future of unparalleled success and partnership.

Warm regards,

Jonathan Barber
President & CEO
Insulation4Less.com Inc.

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