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ACOUSTIC Insulation 24 INCH Prodex HYBRID

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ACOUSTIC 24 INCH Insulation HYBRID by Prodex

Package SIZE: Eight (8) ROLLS: 2-1/2" thick, 24" wide x 8 ft long (128 sq ft Total). 

Comfort and Silence
Leading Edge technology insulation material that has low emittance foil finish on both sides and a glass mineral wool core that provides MAXIMUM thermal and ACCOUSTIC comfort. Works great in hot and cold climates.

Ship dimensions: L: 30" W: 16" H: 28" Lbs: 21

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  • Residential
  • Comercial
  • Industrial

Acoustic 24 Inch - Prodex HYBRID Thermal Insulation

SEALED JOINTS with patented process that ensures glass mineral wool thickness stays consistent. It also prevents sound transmission.

EXTERIOR CAPSULE LINING of low density polyethylene foam and low emittance foil with two functions:

  • 1- Vapor Barrier
  • 2- Reflective Insulation

GLASS MINERAL WOOL CORE as mass insulation that limits conduction and subdues sound waves

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HYBRID - 24 Inch Acoustic Thermal Insulation by Prodex

- Combines the benefits sound deadening, Reflective Insulation and Vapor Barrier.

That means you'll have a quiet, cool and dry structure in the summer and a quiet, warm and dry structure in the winter.

It works great in hot and cold climates.

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Acoustic 24 Inch

Prodex HYBRID Thermal Insulation is the ONLY accoustic insulation that block ALL 3 heat transfer mechanisms:

Radantion | Convection | Conduction

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