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10M Prodex Total Plus 4 ft x 85.3 ft (341 sq ft)

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10M : 4 ft x 85.3 ft roll. (341 sq ft) Prodex Total Plus

10mm (0.4") - Twice as thick as regular Prodex.

  • Increased R
  • More longitudinal strength + improved tearing resistance
  • Reduced condensation
  • Better install - New thermal weld system: Installation Video

Technical Brochure

R22 Insulation + Radiant Barrier + Vapor Barrier + Air Barrier all in one product! One solution for heat, cold and condensation. Works great in hot and cold climates. Reflective reinforced foil on each side of 10mm (0.4 inch) closed-cell polyethylene foam center.
Ship dimensions: L: 48" W: 24" H: 24" Lbs: 31

10M Prodex Total Insulation Plus material has cuts at the edge to overlap the rolls. Use a hot air gun to melt the polyethylene foam at both rolls. Add a little hand pressure and you have a complete welding process. This Thermal welding allows 10M to have a totally impermeable overlapping and mechanical seal between installed rolls.

Prodex adds an extra layer of credibly by submitting insulation rolls to the ASTM Rima International verification program. By having a third party verification, Prodex assures its clients that the insulation complies with industry standards, and is suitable for any construction system.

Beware of pitchmen for fiberglass and other mass insulation products. Ask them: "Doesn't the R-value you post come from the air pocket in the fibers? Isn't your testing done in an environment with no moisture? Why don't you show the parameters of your testing? Unlike mass insulation products, we provide the parameters of the testing. Every R-value on website is displayed as a link. Every R-value link goes to the parameters of the testing. 

You get more than insulation when buying Prodex Total. You also get an air, radiant, and vapor barrier! Even if you have fiberglass insulation, you should still use Prodex Total to add r-value and keep moisture plus heat out of your fibers. 

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Nominal thickness 10mm (+ or - 0.5mm) 0.4 inch

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Creases in foil creates more airflow to enhance performance

Insulation Layers

Reflective reinforced foil

Polyethylene backing

Closed-cell polyethylene foam

Polyethylene backing

Reflective reinforced foil

10M - Prodex Total Plus Insulation engineered specifically for large metal buildings, pole barns and roofs. Its longitudinal strength and superior tearing resistance allows it to span large bays.

It is also a vital component in a complete house insulation system.

10M Prodex Total Plus combines the benefits of insulation with vapor, radiant and air barrier protection. That means you'll have a cool, dry structure in the summer and a warm, dry structure in the winter. 10M works well in hot and cold climates.

The best insulation for metal buildings and pole barns.

Fiberglass used as metal building or pole barn insulation results in:

  • Condensation
  • Loss of R-value due to moisture in the fibers.
  • Heat gain due to radiant heat transfer.

Reflective Insulation - Measuring Its R-value vs Fiberglass

Bubble Insulation, Foil Only Radiant Barriers and Prodex Total - What's the Difference?

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R-value 22 (One layer, heat flow down)


Technical Brochure

How R-values are measured  




Nominal Thickness0.40" |  10 mm 
Flame Spread Index0ASTM E 84-10
Smoke Developed Index5ASTM E 84-10
Fungi ResistanceNo growthASTM C 1338
Tensile Strength at Break (MD)17.27 Lbf/inchASTM D-638
Water Vapor Permeance0.011 Perms (Impermeable)ASTM E 96-05
Temperature and Humidity Resistance: No corrosion, no delamination, no loss of metalization - ASTM C-1258-08

Cell Structure - Closed

Approval questions should be posed to your local code official. Questions?


Resistance to Growth of FUNGI

Aspergillus niger

Aspergillus avus

Aspergillus versicolor

Penicillium funiculosum

Chaetomium globosum

ASTM C 1338

Prodex Fast Action: One 4 ft x 175 ft (700 sq ft) roll with convenient staple tabs and adhesive on rolls. Prodex Fast Action is identical to Prodex 48 Inch with the exception of having adhesive running 175 feet on one side of roll.
Prodex Total 24 Inch: Set of (2) two 24 inch x 175 ft rolls (700 sq ft total) packaged in one bag. Convenient staple tabs. Nominal width designed for 24 inch on center studs.
Prodex Total 16 Inch: Set of (3) three 16 inch x 175 ft rolls (700 sq ft total) packaged in one bag. Convenient staple tabs. Nominal width designed for 16 inch on center studs.
Prodex 72 Inch: One 6 ft x 100 ft (600 sq. ft.) roll with convenient staple tabs.
WHITE Prodex Total 5M Plus: One 4 ft x 175 ft (700 sq. ft.) roll. Ideal where white color is preferred.
Prodex Under Concrete Insulation: 4 ft. x 175 ft. (700 sq. ft.) roll with convenient flange tabs for overlapping. Perfect for driveways and basements. Reflective aluminum foil attached to 5mm (13/64 inch) closed-cell polyethylene foam.
Prodex Garage Door Insulation kit: One - 24 Inch x 87 ft (174 sq. ft.) roll of Prodex Total Insulation + One roll of double sided adhesive tape (1-1/2 Inch x 60 yards) + One roll of reflective tape (2 Inch x 60 yards).
Prodex Assorted Cut Pieces: Approximately 525 to 650 square feet of assorted cut lengths of 4 foot wide (48 Inch) Prodex Total Insulation pieces. The lengths of the pieces typically range from 6 ft to 24 ft.

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