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The most popular products for metal buildings, warehouses, roofs and pole barns is Prodex Total 10M, followed closely by Prodex Total 48 Inch, Fast Action and 72 Inch. For more recommendations on these and other applications email:
On applications such as metal buildings, roofs, and pole barns, Prodex Total is typically used as a standalone product.

In home applications, Prodex Total is used as stand alone and supplemental insulation - The choice depends on your insulation needs.
Prodex Total has a high quality core that keeps its shape when exposed to forces. Prodex Total 5M plus has a nominal thickness of 5mm (0.2"). Prodex Total 10M is 10mm (0.4"). Both are closed cell polyethylen foam covered on both sides with reflective reinforced foil facing. Under pressure, the Prodex micro-cells do not collapse -- With a pressure of 6 PSI Prodex compresses just 6%. When the load is relieved it takes back its initial shape. The density of the foam is between 1.25 lb/ft (sq) - 1.87 lb/ft (sq). This gives the material real body.

Because bubble insulation has a core composed of air rather than closed cell polyethylene foam, it lacks the long-term consistency in performance of Prodex Total Insulation.

Bubble wraps are composed of either one (single bubble) or two (double bubble) layers of air bubbles sandwiched between two metalized surfaces. Once the surface of single or double bubble is punctured, it collapses.

Foil only radiant barriers are typically perforated and composed of two metalized surfaces with a mesh woven in for strength. It is not a vapor barrier - It is not insulation. Because foil only products have no membrane (substance between the layers of reflective material) transference of heat and or cold can occur.
Check out our Insulation Calculator, which is available at the top section of all the pages.
The R-values of reflective insulation and mass insulation are based on the same fundamental equation: The ability to stop heat transfer.

Reflective Insulation is a system that reduces the transfer of heat across air space by the use of two surfaces having high thermal reflectance and low emittance (typically metalized film) + an inner substance + trapped airspaces.

The R-value of reflective insulation is the measurement of the system rather than a measurement of just the product. Measuring the R-value of the system (a real-world application) is a truer measurement vs. a measurement of the product only. For example, what good is the posted R-value of fiberglass given that once installed in an environment that includes any moisture it loses R-value? Virtually all real-world environments include some humidity. Unlike fiberglass the R-value of Prodex Total insulation is NOT affected by humidity.


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