View Shipping Discount:

To view shipping discounts for multiple-roll orders: Click the Order / Get a quote button found on the product pages.

Shippers Used:

Almost everything ships LTL with the exception of orders less than 341 sq. ft. Small orders (less than 341 sq. ft) ship FedEx Ground. 

Customer Pick-ups:

Allowed for orders of $260 or more. The website will offer you this option if your order qualifies. The selection box will be on the same page where you select your payment method. You'll receive an email when the order is ready, with a bar code, available pick up times, and warehouse address. 

When Do orders Ship?

LTL shipments (341 sq. ft. or more) typically ship within a day and have 2 to 10 business day transit times. 

FedEx orders (less than 341 sq, ft.) typically ship within a day and have 1-4 business day transit times.

Check status of delivery on orders at 341 sq. ft. +

An email with tracking information is typically sent by the end of the following business day. Check your spam/junk folder if you don't see it. 


Check status of delivery on orders less than 341 sq. ft.

Visit and enter the tracking information you were emailed.

Shipping Discount Thresholds:

700 sq. ft. rolls. Size: 4'x24"x24"

Save at these sq. ft. amounts:
  • 1,400, 2,800, 7,000 35,000, 70,000 140,000
600 sq. ft. rolls. Size: 6'x20"x20"

Save at these sq. ft. amounts:
  • 1,200, 2,400, 6,000 30,000, 60,000, 120,000
341 sq. ft. rolls. Size: 4'x24"x24"

Save at these sq. ft. amounts:
  • 682, 3,410, 8,525 17,050, 34,100, 68,200

To Save On Shipping: 

  1. If ordering different rolls (mix of insulation items in the shopping cart), email to review your shopping cart. Depending on the size of the order, we may be able to provide a coupon (valid for one day).
  2. Secure your own shipping – Our website offers customer pick-up for orders $260.00 or more. If your order qualifies, the pick-up option will be displayed on the same page where the payment method is selected. 
  3. Order enough to reach the next threshold for additional discounts. Shipping discounts start at two rolls.
  4. Order s smaller insulation roll: Prodex Total 4 x 50 Plus, Bubble Insulation, Bubble Wrap, Foil Only Radiant Barriers and Prodex Total - What's the Difference?

Important Note about Pricing

  • You don't save on shipping by buying through a local distributor. We ship direct to you rather than sell through distributors. A dealer/distributor would pass on:
    • What he paid for the product
    • What he paid for shipping
    • His operational costs
    • His markup (typically 50 to 100%)
  • Don't be fooled by a company that boasts "Free Shipping". - All costs are built into the price you pay. Imagine a company in Texas stating Free shipping. If you're someone in New Hampshire, that might benefit you. If you're someone in a state close to Texas, you paid some of the ship costs for the order going to New Hampshire and other far away locations. We itemize your costs for you to see the actual shipping costs. The bottom line is our delivered price is better than ANY insulation that matches our specifications - Period! See: How To Save on Shipping (above).
  • Shippers base pricing for insulation shipments on the roll SIZE and classification (NOT weight)! Standard Shipping size: 4 ft. x 24 in. x 24 in., 27 lbs. Class 300 insulation, non-boxed, non-skidded, loose rolls shipped from zip 77029.
  • Our delivered price is better than any price you've gotten or will get on insulation that matches our performance specifications. If you think we're mistaken, please e-mail us | the link to the location where you think you can get a better deal.
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