INSTALL GUIDES: Garage Door Insulation Kit

Use: Prodex Garage Door Insulation Kit or any Prodex Roll

Equipment checklist: Utility knife, measuring tape.

Added Values of Prodex Garage Door Insulation Kit

  1. Can reduce temperatures by 8 degrees, making it a comfortable working area.
  2. Saves heating costs in winter, reducing heat loss through door.
  3. Save air-conditioning costs in summer, reducing cold loss through door.
  4. Do-it-yourself quick
  5. Clean finished look.

How To Insulate A Garage Door

  1. Measure door panels.
  2. Cut Insulation to match size of door panels.
  3. Place double-sided adhesive tape on edges of door panels.
  4. Attach the insulation to double sided tape strips.
  5. Use reflective tape on any loose corners or edges

Insulate your garage door because: 

  1. The garage is often the biggest non insulated area of the house.
  2. In the summer the garage door works as a huge radiator heating the house.
  3. In the winter your house loses heat through the garage

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