INSTALL GUIDES: Radiant Heating Under a Wood Floor

Use: Prodex 48 Inch, 10M, Fast Action, 72 Inch, 24 Inch or 16 Inch.

How To Insulate Under A Wood Floor With Radiant Heat

Two installation methods are shown above:

Option A: Install Prodex 48 Inch, Fast Action or 72 Inch under floor joist. Tape seams with reflective tape or use Prodex Fast Action or 10M to avoid seam tape.

Option B: Depending on joist spacing, staple Prodex 16 Inch or 24 Inch between joists at staple tab 4" to 6" below floor board. Tape seams with reflective tape.

Prodex Total (16 Inch, 24 Inch, 48 Inch and Fast Action) are radiant floor insulation products that are used under wood flooring to reflect radiant heat upwards back into the home. Prodex is a thermal break, vapor barrier and radiant barrier. It can be used under most flooring material.

Benefits of these products include: Thermal break, radiant barrier, durability, moisture resistance, low water vapor transmission, radon resistance, termite resistance and ease of installation. Independent Reviews at Site Jabber

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