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Double sided tape 4 rolls. 1-1/2 in x 60 yards ea. Attaches insulation to surface. Serves 2000 sq ft of insulation

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DOUBLE-SIDED TAPE: Sold in sets of 4 rolls (60 yards each). Total = 1-1/2 inch x 240 yards.

Serves 2000 sq. ft. of insulation.

Ship dimensions: L: 12" W: 12" H: 2" Lbs: 4lbs

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Keeps insulation from blowing during install. Also helps attach insulation to surface.

Thickness2.7 mils (0.0027")0.0686 mm
Adhesion: Peel (PSTC-3)60 oz/inch width17.0 N/2.5 cm
Shear (PSTC-7): Indefinite @2.2 psi15.2 kPa
Tensile7.5 lbs/inch width33.97 N/2.5 cm
Maximum Continuous Use Temperature250°F120°C
Minimum Application Temperature-10°F-23°C
Release Liner55 lb.90 GSM
Bleached glassine  

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The information cited is in good faith and has been established from sources held to be secure and reliable. The values listed are typical properties and are not intended to be used as specifications for defined applications. User must determine the product suitability for the end use application and assume all risks and liabilities.

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