INSTALL GUIDES: Air Ducts and Water Pipes

Use: Prodex 48 Inch, 10M, 24 Inch, or 16 Inch.

Equipment checklist: Reflective tape, double sided tape, Super Metal Sealant, tape measure and utility knife.

How To Insulate Air Ducts and Water Pipes

Prodex As Vapor, Radon and Radiant Barrier on Concrete Wall: Use Prodex 48 Inch, Fast Action, 10M, 72 Inch, White or Rustic.

  1. Measure perimeter of ducts.
  2. Cut 2 inch strips out of the insulation rolls equal to the length of perimeter.
  3. Attach the insulation strips to the ducts with double sided tape or glue (Super Metal Sealant) every 16 inches (approx.).
  4. Attach the insulation to the strips with double sided tape or glue (Super Metal Sealant).
  5. Tape seams with reflective tape or use 10M to avoid seam tape.
  6. If applying a 2nd layer of insulation, repeat steps 1 - 5.

  1. Will improve the energy efficiency of home
  2. Ideal for air conditioning or heating duct
  3. R-value not affected by moisture and water
  4. Reduces noises and vibrations
  5. Does not promote mold or mildew
  6. No allergenic or harmful content
  7. Washable
  8. Saves you money

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