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With over 1 million orders totaling more than 5 billion square feet of insulation sold, Insulation4Less boasts the highest review rating amongst its peers. Even if we sold long-life, happiness and good health to this many people, we'd have a hard time improving on our customer satisfaction rating :).

Note, we used the term "customer" satisfaction" not "non-customer". The former has been and always will be our concern. The latter not so much. This distinction makes all the difference in the "Web review world gone wild". More on this later.

Beware of sellers using Prodex product images, descriptions and test results to market other products.

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  1. BBB report. For over 100 years, BBB has set the standard for ethical business behavior. We're proud to maintain an "A to A+" rating. I4L has been accredited since March 15, 2004. You must demonstrate a businesses relationship with a vendor for your review to remain on this site.
  2. Site Jabber is the leading community of online business reviewers. Unlike parasite review sites, only customers are allowed to post on this website

Links to these site are at bottom right of every web page. 

Why do we provide links to these sites? Because these sites provide reviews and ratings from customers. The operative word is "customers". Isn't that who you want to hear from? More on parasite and agenda review sites below.

How does Insulation 4 Less achieve such great reviews?

  1. Provide the best reflective insulation - Prodex Total is the Gold Standard. Reflective Insulation: Fact vs. Fiction
  2. Provide the best delivered price vs. any insulation type that matches our specifications. If you feel we're mistaken, please email: a link to page of supposed better offer.
  3. Ship by next business day. See Shipping page.

Who Does Insulation For Less Appeal To?

A Perfect Fit for Some - Our customers prefer to avoid paying sales commissions. They're willing and capable of using the website to access technical data, pricing, ordering and install instructions. We supplement this information with prompt customized email responses that includes links to articles, install instructions, pricing and technical data.

Never a misunderstanding because a salesman stretched the truth - All of the communication is in writing. No inflated cost to cover commissions. No fear of not getting the best deal available.

Thorough Simplicity

Their website is really excellent. Everything you need to know is there. What product is best for your application and how to install it. Ordering is simple and delivery is fast. I am quite pleased with the results I achieved."

Gene M.

Avoid Parasite Review Sites - 90% of the Posts are from NON customers

What won't you find in the posts on these websites? AN ORDER NUMBER! That's because most of the posts are from non-customers and competitors!

Parasite review sites welcome non-customers and competitors to post. Because people believe negative posts more than positive posts, these review sites crave negative posts. Negative reviews attract additional negative posts. The more posts, the higher the ranking of the site. The higher the ranking the more viewers. The more viewers, the more the site can charge for advertising. These site even solicit more negatives reviews from those that have previously posted.

If a vendor requests removal of a fraudulent post by a non-customer, the site will use a third party company to contact the vendor to pitch their charge to have the review removed. It's called "pay to play." Don't visit parasite review sites. You will only increase their SEO ranking. Certainly don't post reviews on them. If the site starts with a name like "Pissed" or "Complaint" it's has no interest in honest reviews. It wants only complaints - It needs them to exist. Happy customers don't go to sites named "Pissed..." or "Complaint..." The site will count any review as a complaint regardless if it's content.

Agenda Review Sites

What better way is there to deceive the public than to create a forum of supposed real customers discussing a product. Sprinkle in a few leading questions, answer the questions yourself, leave a couple positive reviews, drop in a few links to supposed energy experts and poof you have a brew of deception.

These sites remove opposing posts to their agenda. They'll sometimes pretend to be a consumer advocate or expert exposing the flaws of one product.

Below is an example of what happened to us after we commented on of these sites that the posts were not real consumers and the links in the posts of supposed "energy experts" were actually disguised insulation pitchmen:

What remains on sites like these are half-truths, fabrications and arguments that appear accurate because opposing comments are removed.

The above examples of the review sites gone wild.

Prodex Insulation Reviews

Michael24: Monday, June 19, 2017

Dear Insulation4Less,
We have used Prodex total on 8+ post frame buildings and a few additions, it is easy to work with and has a great R-value, it really works as it is advertised. I sent 4 rolls to Haiti for a mission project and even with the humidity and rats it work very well about 15-20 degrees by doing the roof only, I am very happy with it. It was very hard for me to believe by being 3/16" thick that it would work very well but I think it even works better then the specs. show. Thanks for a great product. Mike (Kansas)

Prodex Insulation Reviews

dgass1: Friday, May 5, 2017

Dear Insulation4Less,
We used your insulation on our pole shed best stuff ever .

Prodex Insulation Reviews

Drken: Monday, March 27, 2017

Dear Insulation4Less,
I am extremely satisfied with our installed Prodex product. I was optimistic about all types of Attic Foil insulation and the potential effects on our house hold heating and cooling. I chose Prodex over all the rest because of the R-16 value and the ease of use. Since the install last month our house appears much more stable temperature wise. While it is to early to fully assess the effectiveness of the installed product I am very optimistic we will see great changes in cooling efficiency as we move into the summer. So far the product has exceeded my expectations.

Beware of sellers using Prodex product images, descriptions and test results to market other products.
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