If You're NOT Buying It Here, You're NOT Buying Prodex Total Plus

Images, Descriptions and Test Results of Prodex are Used By Resellers of Other Products

The photos to the right are used online to sell rebranded items of seconds, discontinued items, items that don't pass code, catch of fire, tear, flake, made in China, etc,. One thing is obvious, these companies believe their chances of selling improves by replacing their product information with that of Prodex Total. 

All the images shown to the right, are examples of features, graphics, photos and product descriptions taken from the websites of Prodex Insulation4Less to sell other products. 

Insulation4Less.com is the only authorized seller of Prodex Total Insulation in the USA and Canada. Prodex partnered with Insulation4Less to provide Total Plus – Ideal for construction applications in the U.S. and Canada (Higher R, Stonger and Safer). Total Plus includes all the components of the premium ESD and ESW family of insulation rolls. See letter at bottom of photos to right.

Technical Sheets of Total Plus rolls:  10M, 5M, White, Perforated

Prodex adds an extra layer of credibly by submitting these rolls to the ASTM Rima International verification program. By having a third party verification, Prodex assures its clients that the insulation complies with industry standards, and is suitable for any construction system.


Insulation4Less.com (I4L), is more than a Prodex partner - I4L is the U.S. and Canadian extension of Prodex. Through this partnership, we can:

  • Ship by next day
  • Allow for customer pick-ups
  • Service the Gold, Platinum and Diamond members
  • Identify market changes
  • Develop strategies to meet the US and Canadian market demands

Pretending to Sell Prodex Total

Click to enlarge the image at top right of page. The text is taken from this website. They obviously didn't proof read it. It reads: "Read Prodex Insulation reviews top left of page." 

Look at the photo of Prodex Total Insulation next to the add to sell AES 1200 sq. ft. If you have a decent product to offer, why not use its image and product information? 

Think about the level of dishonesty required to buy insulation and resell it by pasting in the product names, descriptions, test results, pictures and benefits of a completely different product. These companies copied all and parts of our product names, descriptions, test results, benefits and images from the websites of Prodex/Insulation4Less. Countless people made purchases thinking they were buying Prodex Total or its equivalent. Everyone in the industry recognizes that Prodex is the standard bearer. Pretending to sell Prodex or its equivalent is their meal ticket to profits.

Click to enlarge the snapshot of a recent text communication with them. Notice they wrote: "Ok, we removed Prodex.” That's an admission that they STOLE our product name and used it to sell you a different product. They also wrote: "We buy Reflective Insulation." What reflective insulation? Where are its approvals? Who did you buy it from? What is it really made of?

We’ve been around the block with these people several times. They remove one name and grab another. They remove a photo and gabs another, etc.

Aluminum or Titanium

You'll find these companies brag about their product being 99% aluminum or Titanium - That's fine in other countries with less stringent fire codes but not in the USA. Over 15 years ago the USA required the replacement of aluminum and other metals used on the surface of insulation. The metal had to be replaced with a complex compound of reflective materials for fire safety. When you combine the fact that it can tear and flake, it's clear that aluminum is not ideal for construction use.

Aluminum and Titanium:

  • TEARS 
  • Does NOT pass fire codes.
  • Insulation rolls are for packaging use only - NOT construction.

In summary, safety, tearing and flaking, are the primary reasons to avoid aluminum in construction applications. 

AD included in Product Name (AD3, AD5, AD10)

You'll find a snap shot to the right with "AD 5MM Thick" written next to the insulation roll. AD is group of less expensive insulation rolls (ad3, ad5 and ad10) that we produce at Prodex. Because it's made of aluminum, it's sold only in the USA for packaging applications. It should not be used in construction applications in the USA.

Because "AD" is prominent on the Prodex site, people use the name on their products and even include "AD" in the url (web address) of their product pages. AD is prominent on the Prodex site because it's internationally sold. AD is acceptable in some countries for construction use - NOT the USA.

We have created a Prodex Insulation roll for the USA. It's called Prodex Total Plus. Prodex Total Plus Insulation is stronger, safer and has higher test values. It is the only Prodex product that should be used for construction applications in the USA 

How You Get Fooled

  1. Reseller buys insulation in the open market (Typically China)
  2. Reseller creates a product name (rebrands)
  3. Reseller copies photos, images, product information and test results from Prodex / Insulation4Less website to describe what they're selling

Prodex Total Plus: ICC-ES recognized : Unaffected by humidity : Prevents condensation : Prevents 97% of radiant heat transfer : Vapor barrier : Elastic : Does not promote mold or mildew : Does not provide for nesting of rodents, bugs or birds : Seals around nails (no leak) : Reflective reinforced foil on each side of 5mm (0.2 inch) or 10mm (0.4 inch) closed-cell polyethylene foam center : Keeps its shape over time (doesn't collapse) : Rippled surface increases airflow : Green Product. 

If you see a description that resembles the above, it was copied from this this websitePlease let us know at sales@Insulation4Less.com 

Bubble Insulation, Bubble Wrap, Foil Only Radiant Barriers and Prodex Total - What's The Difference?

That's enough about imposters. If you're looking for a product to stop heat, cold, condensation and air, see: 10M Prodex Total Insulation Plus

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