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Reflective Tape 2 Reflective Tape 2 rolls, 2.83 in x 60.1 yards ea.

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REFLECTIVE TAPE: Sold in sets of 2 rolls (60.1 yards each). Total = 2.83 inch x 120.2 yards.

Serves 1125 sq. ft. of insulation. 

Important! Tape seams to improve insulation performance. Heat and Cold will seek the least resistance and find the openings at the seams. This tape is specifically made to keep the cold and heat out. The adhesive will perform well in either sub-zero cold, dry or tropical temperatures.

Ship dimensions: L: 6" W: 6" H: 6" Lbs: 3

TestTypical ValueTypical Value MetricTest Method
Product Thickness (Total)3.0 mils76.2 µmPSTC-133
Thickness (carrier)1.5 mils38.1 µmPSTC-133
Thickness (adhesive)1.5 mils38.1 µmPSTC-133
Peel Adhesion41 oz/in11.4 N/25mmPSTC-101
Shear Strength> 168 hours> 168 hoursPSTC-107
Tensile Strength22 lb/in width98 N/25 mm widthPSTC-131
Min App Temp-35 ° F-37 ° C 
Max Continuous Temp260 ° F127 ° C 
Max Intermittent Temp300 ° F149 ° C 

Use with our products include: All Prodex Total Insulation and Reflective-Bubble-Reflective Insulation (RBR)

Sealing foil insulation in high and low temperature extremes. Tape seams to improve insulation performance and create vapor barrier (important). It can also be used to patch reflective insulations.

This adhesive will perform well in either sub-zero cold, dry or tropical temperatures.

Reflective Tape1: 3-mil (76µ) UV resistant bi-axially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) tape coated with a CW® cold weather solvent acrylic adhesive. Reflective Tape1 replaces cloth duct tape, lasts longer and will not delaminate with age. Reflective Tape1 provides easy application and superior performance and durability over a wide range of temperatures and environmental conditions.

  • Direct replacement for traditional duct tape
  • UV resistant
  • Will not break down or delaminate over time
  • High performance line set tape performs well over a wide temperature range
  • CW® all weather acrylic adhesive applies easily at temperatures as cold as -35°F
  • Higher adhesion and tack than traditional cloth duct tapes

Typical values are not intended to be used for specification development. Technical data is believed to be true and accurate. We recommend that the purchaser test for fitness of use in all applications.

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