Use: Prodex 48 Inch, Fast Action, 62 Inch Fast Action, 72 Inch or 10M

Equipment checklist: Reflective tape, utility knife, staple or screw gun.

The sun's heat is absorbed by a roof, heating the roof sheathing and causing the underside of the sheathing and the roof framing to radiate downward toward the attic floor. Applying Prodex Total will result in the heat radiated from the hot roof being reflected back out through the roof. Prodex Total also prevents the heat from the living space below from escaping through the roof -- This translates to a reduction in cooling and heating costs. Roof Insulation - Stop Condensation, Heat and Cold

How To Insulate A Roof

Install below roof/ceiling

Location 1: Insulation is draped over the trusses. Allow insulation to sag 2 inches or more. Apply decking.

Location 2: Install insulation directly on decking. Apply 1"x3" furring strips on top of insulation. Install tiles.

Location 3: Install insulation directly on decking or shingles. Apply 1"x3" furring strips on top of insulation. Install metal roof.

Ceiling Install
Metal Building Roof Install

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