How To Insulate A Metal Building 

The most popular metal building insulation is Prodex Total 10M. The following are excellent 5M choices: 48 INCH, FAST ACTION, 62 INCH FAST ACTION, 72 INCH, WHITE, RUSTIC, 24 INCH, 16 INCH

Other options include: Reflective Bubble Reflective and Foil Fiberglass Vinyl.

Please select an install method to determine which items below that you will need.

  • Reflective tape
  • Double sided tape
  • A utility knife
  • Super metal sealant (some retrofit applications)
  • A screw gun (some retrofit applications)
  • Metal Screws (some retrofit applications)
  • Metal Pins and Caps (some retrofit applications)

Reflective tape is used to seal the seams of the insulation. Sealing seams improves insulation performance. The tape is effective in high and low temperature extremes such as sub-zero cold, dry or tropical temperatures. It creates a vapor barrier and can help improve the effectiveness of insulation. Unlike traditional duct tape, it is UV-resistant, does not delaminate or break down over time, and offers easy application and superior performance.

Double sided tape keeps the insulation from blowing during the installment process and helps attach insulation to the surface.

Super Metal Sealant is used to attach insulation and metal pins to virtually any surface including steel, aluminum, painted metals, galvalume, wood, fiberglass, fiber-reinforced plastic and concrete. 

Pins and Caps are used to attach insulation to virtually any surface including steel, aluminum, painted metals, galvalume, wood, fiberglass, fiber-reinforced plastic and concrete.

The utility knife is used when you need to cut insulation.

Screws and screw gun - Are sometimes used on metal building with square tubing to attach the insulation on retrofit applications (sheeting is already attached)

Heat Gun is used to seal the seams of 10M Prodex Total. The recommended heat setting is between 200 to 350°C. Start with the lowest temperature to avoid damage of the material. You can also use reflective tape to seal the seams of 10M. Better install - New thermal weld system Video

Install Options:

1. New Install Roof And Wall - Installing Over Framing

  1. Apply double-sided tape on the top of the purlins to prevent insulation from blowing in the wind.
  2. Roll the insulation perpendicular to and over the purlins.
  3. Allow the insulation to sag at least two inches (creating air-gap). 
  4. Use reflective tape to seal the seams. Fast Action and10M don't require seam tape.
  5. Attach sheeting.

2. Existing Structure [Retrofitting] - Installing Insulation After the Sheeting

Insulating an existing metal building is known as retrofitting and it can refer to structures with or without prior insulation layers. 


I. Tubular Framing: 

  1. Roll the insulation perpendicular to the frame member. The spacing between the framing does not matter because you're running the insulation the opposite direction.
  2. Attached with self-drilling screws (3/4" screws with 1.5" self locking washers works well). 
  3. Seal seams with reflective tape (10M and Fast Action don't require seam tape)

II. I-Beams - Options A, B, C, D

A. Attach Insulation to Sheeting with Pins and Caps. See method

B. Frame out the inside of the building with wood studs. See how to insulate a pole barn

CAttaching using straps (see video below)

D. Attach Insulation with double sided tape and glue:

Run the double sided tape adjacent to a line of glue (super metal sealant) on the bottom of the I-beams. The tape serves as the short-term hold and the glue serves as a longer-term hold. This method is not as secure as the other retrofit install methods provided. 

To optimize performance, incorporate a 3/4" air-gap or more and seal the seams. The method used to achieve the air-gap is less important. You can use one of the methods we've described or your own.

Why Buy Prodex Total?

Any metal building that uses fiberglass insulation rather than Prodex Total will have moisture issues (typically hidden behind facing), Loss of R-value (consequence of the moisture) and heat gain. 

Prodex Total Insulation: One solution for Heat, Condensation and Cold. It combines the benefits of a radiant barrier, reflective insulation, and vapor barrier - All in one product!

A metal building insulation system requires a reflective insulation, radiant barrier and vapor barrier. The metal skin causes sweating (condensation), unbearable heat in summer and frigid temperatures in winter. Prodex serves a true vapor barrier and condensation eliminator. It has a high R-value and also prevents radiant heat transfer.

Prodex Total is superior to fiberglass in metal buildings and pole barns because its R value is unaffected by humidity or water -- It doesn't mildew, promote fungus growth or the nesting of rodents, bugs and birds. It is also much easier and less expensive to install. Unlike expensive spray foam insulation, Prodex Total prevents radiant heat transfer. It is superior bubble insulation in metal buildings because the heat of the metal skin doesn't cause its polyethylene micro-bubbles to collapse. 

Ever wonder why it's so hot and wet inside a metal building in the summer and so cold and wet in winter? The metal skin magnifies the heat of the summer and frigid temperatures of the winter. Metal is a very good conductor of heat and cold. In hot weather, metal framing and sheeting rapidly transfers the sun's heat into a building, and in cold weather it rapidly transfers the cold in. When a cold surface comes in contact with warm air it creates moisture on the surface (cold beer can outside in summer). Prodex eliminates the moisture (condensation) on the metal sheeting, it prevents the heat from entering your building in summer and leaving your building in winter! 

You'll have a cool, dry structure in summer and a warm, dry structure in winter. It is used as a stand-alone or supplemental insulation. It is ICC-ES Recognized - It reflects 97% of radiant heat (the primary source of heat flow). Prodex works well in HOT and COLD climates. Other benefits of Prodex include sound deadening and sealing around nails.

Prodex Total Insulation: One solution for Heat, Condensation, Cold and Airflow. It combines the benefits of a radiant barrier, reflective insulation, and vapor barrier- All in one product!

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